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Looking around Londinivm, you see other players are in tribes. What are these tribes, you ask? What benefit will they have for me? Will they just take my money in taxes?

Tribe basics: Londinivm allows for the formal formation of tribes, i.e., groups of 25 players including a leader, and several other staff members. Players may choose to join a tribe, not join a tribe, or form their own tribe. If you are not already in a tribe, visit Tribes in the Community District of Londinivm. Here you have the option of starting your own tribe, viewing current tribes, or canceling your application for a tribe. If you are in a tribe, your options will be to enter your tribe building, view current tribes, or cancel a current tribe application.

Starting your own tribe: 50 marks begin the construction of your tribe. After these credits are paid, you will need applicants to apply, and begin donating energy toward the building of the tribe. 2,500 energy completes this process. Your 50 marks and 2,500 energy buys a tribe with 10,000 HPs, a vault, a forum for communication, a shop to purchase building supplies, a member list, and a log of tribe events, complete with time and date. Every tribe can manage applications, set custom titles for their members, decide on taxes and health coverage, create a public page with banner, create a tribe news page, mass mail all tribe members, and decide to build more tribe buildings.

Tribe taxes and health coverage: Each tribe may decide to tax its members. The two types of taxes available are peasant tax and battle wins tax. Peasant tax is the percentage of each memberís estate income (from peasants) the tribe will take in taxes. Battle win tax is the percentage of each memberís loot from successful battles the tribe will collect. In contrast, tribes may also choose to pay for a percentage of healing costs for their members. This health coverage is one of the prime benefits of joining a tribe, as it can save the player thousands of dollars.

Tribe buildings: The tribe can increase both its HPs and its functionality by building. Four additional building are available: the armoury, tribe traders, loan shark, and an interest center. The armoury allows members to donate their old weapons, and for leaders to pass them out. Tribe traders allow tribe members to transfer resources among themselves. Loan shark allows the banker and leaders to loan credits out to tribe members, with a set interest rate. The interest center allows the credits kept in the tribe vault to accumulate interest, at a slightly higher rate than the player bank. The tribe has to work together in order to purchase the expensive resources needed for each building.

Subjective value: The value and services that a tribe can offer in Londinivm are largely in the eye of the beholder. Tribes are free to start their own programs and have their own goals. They are separate, self-directed entities within the Londinivm community. Therefore, each tribe will offer a different experience. Before joining or creating a tribe, think about what impact youíd like to have on Londinivm, and make you decision with that in mind.